Hereford East

In their freshman year, the AVID class of 2014 began raising money to build a school in Cambodia called Hereford East to benefit the people of Cambodia, a country with a literacy rate of 63.5% in the rural areas.

The class raised $10,200 over the last four years was not quite enough to build the planned Hereford East. So the money has been donated to an existing project to construct a new school in the town of Pailin and to purchase school supplies. Pailin is one of the most heavily land-mined places in Cambodia, making it dangerous for the villagers.

“I am very happy that the hard work we put into raising money for Hereford East is finally paying off and that we are able to help students in other countries have access to education,” said Khloe Imes (12).

According to Mark Manuel, the Director of Diversity at the Overlake School, “The proceeds that [Hereford] donated helped purchase the school supplies for the children at the Pailin School.”

Zain Narith, an 11th grader on the Cambodia trip, said, “The money that has been donated by [Hereford] has helped the kids here in Pailin to have an education that showcases their talents and helps their education even more.”