Coaches vs. Coaches Basketball Tournament


On March 9, My Neighbors Foundation will host their 3rd Annual Coaches vs. Coaches basketball tournament.  It will be held at Hereford High School from 3:00 to 8:30 on Sunday, March 9. Although admission is free, donations will be accepted.  In addition to a basketball tournament, there will be food, face painting, and a silent auction along with many other games.

During this basketball tournament, over 70 coaches from Hereford Zone schools including Sparks Elementary, Fifth District Elementary, Seventh District Elementary, Hereford Middle, and Hereford High schools will be playing in teams and competing against each other.

There will be two Sparks teams, two Prettyboy teams, two Seventh District teams, and one Fifth District team. Coach John Walter will be playing on the Prettyboy Pythons team.

Dave Patrick, the founder of the organization stated, “I was the organizer for a similar charity event at the University of Maryland that pitted the Fraternity Greek All-Stars vs. the Campus Police so I used that idea and developed it into something for our Hereford community.”

All funds raised by this tournament will be donated to the My Neighbors Foundation.  Two years ago this event raised $3000 for My Neighbors Foundation and last year they raised $6500.

Chad McCartin contributed to this article.