Rumors stir about Obama seeking third and fourth term

There are theories swirling around Washington that President Obama may be beginning the process to amend the Constitution to allow him to run for a third term.

The Weekly World News (WWN) learned that the White House and President Obama’s campaign machine have a “foolproof” plan for the President to successfully achieve a third (and perhaps a fourth) term in office.

First of all, this probably isn’t even actually happening. It’s probably just some media-created rumor that the president had nothing to do with. However, if these rumors actually are true, Obama is out of his mind. There is no way that a president who has received much more criticism than others will successfully find a way to serve two more terms.

“Barack plans to divide the Republicans in the House and so weaken them that in 2014, the Democrats will once again be the majority. After that he will introduce an amendment to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which limits the President’s term in office,” White House insider told WWN.  What this insider is telling us is that president Obama is now trying to change the constitution. If this was realistic, wouldn’t other, more successful presidents have tried this?

I know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt served more than two terms, but that was before the 22nd Amendment was established. But even before the amendment and before FDR, the custom was to seek no more than two terms. It seems that Obama feels that he is on the same level that Roosevelt was, and maybe even higher, because Roosevelt didn’t have to amend the constitution to serve a third term.

Apparently Chris Matthews of CNBC is already pushing the idea and said on the air that he thinks Obama will successfully pass an amendment doing away with the 22nd Amendment. Chris Matthews seems he has gone off the rails.

The Republicans in Congress are reportedly having a ‘major debate’ over the Fiscal Cliff.  “President Obama’s master plan is working,” said the President’s top advisor, David Axelrod. I don’t think that these reports of current success could be anymore vague. There have been no specific examples of anything that has actually been done that would indicate that Obama might actually serve a third term. On top of that, the President has not made a single comment on the subject.

“The amendment is ridiculous. There are no Congressional term limits, why should there be a Presidential term limit?” said the President’s top advisor. Although Axelrod makes a valid point, you have to keep in mind that the President has a much more strenuous job than that of a Congressman; they are not at all equal and shouldn’t be compared as if they are.

Students at Hereford have their opinions about this third term as well. “It’s stupid. I think it’ll never happen” said Noelle Funk (11).

Gabe Ceribelli (11) had other thoughts: “If he does something good, we might want to keep him,” he said.

Overturning the amendment would require a two-thirds vote by both chambers of Congress, followed by ratification of the proposal by 38 states. The White House predicts this will happen in 2015. We’ll just have to wait and see if this is the real deal, or just another White House rumor.